Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Airfare Woes

For those of you that know me it won't be of any surprise to you that I check airline prices everyday. We have set our dates of travel and now we are just waiting for airfare and hotel expenses to come down to a price point that will fit within our budget. Lately the airlines are making me crazy!!! One day I will check and tickets are $114 one way. The very next day I will look and they are up to $160.

How is that possible? How can a ticket change that much in 24 hours? The other day I had found a ticket for $99 on a different airline into a smaller airport. I almost bought it. However, upon checking on hotel prices I realized that the hotel was still to expensive for me and I would be locking myself into a specific number of nights at Disneyland not knowing if I could afford it.

I have found that there are many days lately where I have panicked over the cost of airfare. If you are in the same boat...relax. If you have set a budget stick to it. Sometimes the best deals are found within 30 days before your trip as airlines are trying to fill still empty seats. Also, I have heard to check airlines at the beginning of the week and not to buy until Tuesday evening. Often times airlines will drop prices at the beginning of the week. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

My point is...anxiety over airfare isn't helpful and can lead you into making a rash decision out of fear. Don't be ruled by fear it will hurt you in the end.

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